Money in college football is exploding.

Clemson University won their second national championship last season and have played in each of the last two College Football Playoff championship games.

This season, the Tigers are back in the College Football Playoff and they took the journey in their new $55 million football complex.

The school opened the facility earlier this year, and now we get a peak inside and outside what looks like a swanky playground for college students.

Here are some photos and videos of some of the swankiest features, via HOK.

Here is an aerial view of the new facilities.

The "Allen N. Reeves Football Complex" was designed by HOK, the architect firm responsible for many stadiums around the world.

According to Thad Turnipseed, Clemson's director of recruiting and external affairs, he visited 36 football facilities around the country and was told by coach Dabo Swinney to "take the best from each place."

Source: Clemson Tigers

The Tigers' 2016 College Football Playoff championship trophy is on display in the lobby.

Behind that are two other championship trophies, the Waterford Crystal footballs from the USA Today coaches poll for 1981 and 2016.

We are pretty sure this is not a real tiger, but we're not going to pet it to find out.

The entrance has a hill that mimics "The Hill" at Memorial Stadium that players run down as they enter the stadium.

"The Hill" can be seen on the wall next to the replica hill. At the top of the hill is a recording from 2013 of Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit talking about the hill during a broadcast.

There is also a replica of Howard's Rock which the players touch on the way into the stadium.

But if you prefer, you can go down the slide which is in the back of the building and is the quickest way to get from the second floor to the practice field.

Source: Clemson Tigers

The slide was the idea of Coach Dabo Swinney. He asked for one after he saw a similar slide at Google headquarters.

Inside, the players have access to two bowling lanes with video scoring.

To the right of those are pool tables and arcade games. There is also a golf simulator, a Pop-a-shot game and multiple ping-pong tables.

Outside, there is a basketball court and a putting green.

If you look closely next to the basketball court, that is a 9-hole miniature golf course.

Not far from there is a Wiffle ball diamond with artificial turf, a sand volleyball court, a horseshoe pit, and a fire pit. It is basically every college kid's dream.

This is the entrance to the locker room.

The lockers look like each player gets his own purple throne.

Just to make sure all the bases were covered, they also have a barber shop, a shoe-shine area, and a nap room… yes, a nap room.

There is a room just for displaying Nike gear.

There is a large cafeteria, "The Paw," that includes a biometric scanner that "helps develop each player’s daily food intake based on their current weight."

Source: Clemson Tigers

The conference rooms are outfitted with leather seats emblazoned with the Clemson logo.

Here is the same room from the back.

There is a "plunge" pool that holds up to 60 people. It is not clear if that is 60 average-sized people, or 60 football players.

Of course there are TVs on the wall to entertain the players.

There is also a lap pool and four other therapy tubs, also with TVs on the wall.

And finally, the weight room, which by itself takes up 23,000 square feet.

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