A man who used to be addicted to smoking marijuana has turned a new leaf.

A Covenant University dropout is giving a responsible life another shot after a long romance with marijuana.

A first experience with Marijuana proved to be a disastrous meeting for a Covenant University male dropout whose life took a downward turn after he had a puff of the drug substance.

It all started for the one-time bright kid, now 28 years old, during a visit to his friend's residence at the age of 12.

As a youngster who grew up in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, the road looked so smooth for him.


His family were in touch with wealth, an attribute that had firmly placed him on a path of speedy success, but his addiction to drugs rephrased that script according to tweets shared by the Naija Class Captain.

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It was a case of a gradual but steady decline for the man whose addiction to marijuana created more monsters.

He fed his urges with money stolen from his parents who knew at the time that sending him to a private academic institution – a Christian-owned school for the matter, was a necessity but that did not quite help.

After living out the phase, he has decided on turning a new leaf and some Twitter users have been quite supportive.

Meet poor crippled old man who cures diseases by smoking weed

In Calabar, Cross River State, a crippled waste collector, Effanga Francis Umoh, has found better result from smoking weed.

An elderly Umoh told Vanguard News that he has had no reason to visit the hospital due to a consumption of the drug substance.

This has saved him from the challenge of visiting the hospital – a venture that will have cost money he does not have in abundance.

He survives on payment made to him by market women who have been serviced by his waste disposal activity.

Umoh had an air of pride while describing his dedication to his occupation despite hindrances caused by his physical challenge. He attributed it as a personality common with individuals from his ethnic group.

“I am an Efik man and we do not beg for alms in any circumstance because we are a proud nation.

"So I will rather work than bring shame to my people," says Umoh who was captured sitting on the floor in a picture.

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His display of honour should have served as a motivation for a man known as the Crippled Thief. The latter is notorious for CCTV captured acts of theft and is currently at large.