Jowys Fashion Consulting launches its 2018 business casual collection

Jowys Fashion Consulting is redefining office wear and making it affordable, chic, stylish and professional. Take a look at their great collection!

Nigeria’s fashion and style band Jowys Fashion Consulting (JFC) has dropped their 2018 business casual collection featuring Nollywood actress Kiki Omeili. JFC is a brand focused on building a positive impact in our immediate society through Fashion and Style in Nigeria.

The clothing line was created in collaboration with a renowned fashion designer in Nigeria to cater to the corporate world.  According to the creative director, Jowy, “every individual should have the opportunity to express themselves in fashion and style. We have discovered that individuals in the corporate world are often neglected by the Nigerian fashion and style industry.”

Upon inception in 2011, JFC has participated in several top fashion events in and outside Nigeria and is also member of the AIC Italy chapter; after studying at a Fashion school in Milan.

JFC has broken the chain of negligence by creating a line that focuses on the corporate world to enable these beautiful and hardworking individuals who may not be in the limelight, to also express themselves in fashion and style.

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Take a look at the full collection below!



Design: @jowy.s

Model: @kikiomeili

Photography: @ritzyarts

Styling: @jowysfashionconsulting

Makeup: @lacici_

Publicist: @moafricapr