My husband doesn't want sex with me; could he be cheating

Is a husband cheating if he rarely tries to initiate sex with his wife?

Dear Bukky,

Is it possible for a man not to love having sex with his wife always and he's not cheating on her?

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That's possible if you are married to someone whose sex drive is very low compared to yours.

Lack of sex in a marriage is not always tied to cheating and infidelity. If you are not getting enough sex from your partner as you'd love to, it could be due to a number of things among which is low libido as mentioned above already.

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Also, it could be due to some other emotional or psychological reasons such as stress, tiredness, etc.

However, one needs to admit that if these excuses are recurrent, it could become a cause for alarm.

In any case, there is nothing that cannot be dealt with if partners will communicate fears, worries and concerns with each other honestly.

So why not talk to your partner about it? Tell him how the lack of sex is making you feel; how worrisome it is that you hardly get it.

You can't afford to not talk about something that's as important to your marriage as sex.
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